My prints pop up from time to time on E-Bay and other Internet venues. Prices paid have ranged from ridiculously high to ridiculously low. Many of these prints for resale are in bad shape from careless handling and storage. A friend showed me a print that I had originally sold in the seventies. He bought it online. It had absorbed decades of cigarette smoke and had been further damaged by an acidic over-matt. Fortunately I was able to replace it with another image from the original edition.

I have also encountered fakes in various forms, complete with forged signatures and bogus edition numbers. In a different form of theft, an artist pirated one of the striped images and etched it in a three dimensional glass piece, entered into an International decorative glass competition in Venezuela under her own name. She was subsequently awarded a monetary prize, which she was forced to return when the origin of the image was discovered after the show opened. I have a letter from her telling me that it was a “gesture of tribute” – she just did not happen to be aware of my name so that she could give me credit as her “inspiration” For obvious reasons I recommend purchasing prints directly from the artist, when possible, and preferably before the artist dies of old age.